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.. Debuts Online Alternative Health Store
New online gift store features crystal gallery, home-made toiletries and limited edition artworks.
“We offer an unusual mix of high- quality specialty items including quartz crystals and crystal jewelry, home-made, limited edition toiletry products and an online art gallery with limited-edition nature photos, digital paintings, and mixed media works.”
Curtis Lang
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Satya Center ( is a new web portal focusing on alternative health, loving relationships and alternative sources of global news.

The site offers original articles by well-known authors, healers, journalists and global visionaries and carefully selected lists of deep links to key resources at major websites about yoga, meditation, relationships, reiki, crystals, sacred geometry, past life therapy, organic food, farms and gardens, sustainable agriculture, world hunger, global news, money, politics, and public policy. 

Satya Center has just opened its online store ( in time for the holiday shopping season. “Our online store features a large selection of unique, affordable gifts,” says Satya Center’s Curtis Lang, a former Ameritrade executive who was Editor of Ameritrade’s financial portal “We offer an unusual mix of high-quality specialty items including quartz crystals and crystal jewelry, home-made, limited edition toiletry products and an online art gallery with limited-edition nature photos, digital paintings, and mixed media works.”

The Crystal Gallery ( offers a carefully selected collection of clear, rose and smoky quartz, amethyst, citirine, and Lemurian quartz crystal jewelry, wands, towers, and altarpieces.
Read all about the mineralogical and metaphysical properties of quartz crystals and how they’re used in digital technology, meditation and healing

Jane’s Homemade ( toiletries, herbal teas, air sprays and other seasonal limited edition garden products are made in Jane’s kitchen in Pleasantville, New York. Most of the herbal ingredients in the products come from Jane’s backyard organic garden, and, in some cases, from reputable organic suppliers.

The Satya Center art gallery ( is currently showing a variety of works by Jane Sherry, including digital paintings, limited edition art books and photos, and sacred talismans. “The ancient traditions of priestess, shaman, scribe and storyteller serve as the foundation and inspiration for my work,”  says Satya Center’s Jane Sherry, whose creations reside in many private and public collections, including The Getty Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and The New York Public Library. “For thousands of years, healers, keepers of the temple, clairvoyants and mystics have used mythical narratives woven of text and imagery to connect the sacred and the everyday worlds, and to collect and focus energies for healing, for visions, for fertility, and for community.”

Take the guided tour today --

-Nov 19, 2004

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