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Announce Date: December 4, 2013

www.train-aid.co.uk Delivers Educational First Aid at Work Resources

URL: http://www.train-aid.co.uk
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www.train-aid.co.uk Delivers Educational First Aid at Work Resources
Train-aid.co.uk is a first aid orientated website which has just released a new range of educational video tutorials, which aim to help people who are unable to attend a course.
Train-aid.co.uk is a first aid orientated website which has just released a new range of educational video tutorials, which aim to help people who are unable to attend a course.

A national survey commissioned by DK estimated that around 77% of people either do not know how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or would be unsure of the protocol. It is also estimated that around 1 in 3 people would not know what to do if their toddler was choking.

These startling statistics prove that there simply isnít enough first aiders present when an emergency strikes. People lead busy lives, many of whom do not get the opportunity to attend a first aid course through time or financial restrictions.

Train Aidís new blog helps these people by creating quick fire video tutorials, which aim to teach basic skills in less than two minutes. The video blog entries are also backed up by text, which talks through the skills step-by-step. Of course these videos are no substitute for genuine first aid at work courses, but they are the next best thing for those who are unable to attend. One example course is titled Emergency First Aid at Work.

There seems to be a misconception that there is always a first aider present when an emergency strikes. Statistics show that the most common types of accidents occur within the home, when only family and friends are usually present. More needs to be done to enable people to access resources that can help save the lives of loved ones.

Only video tutorials are growing at a ferocious rate. They can teach you how to change the wheel of a car, or how to recreate a famous recipe. More and more people are now searching for videos that can teach them basic first aid skills. Train Aid want to get as much of this content as possible on the web in the hope that it will help save lives.

Posted by Eric Ward on 12/4/13
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