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Home & Garden Furnishings Distributor Cabinfield.com Sells Old-Fashioned Quality With New-Age Techniques
Cabinfield.com, a distributor of handcrafted Amish home and outdoor furnishings, debuted online in May 2005. By harnessing the power of the Internet, Cabinfield.com makes quality, Amish-created home & garden décor affordably accessible.
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Date: 12/7/2006
Cabinfield.com Uses Web To Deliver Amish Crafted Furniture for Home and Garden

URL: http://www.Cabinfield.com

Home & Garden Furnishings Distributor Sells Old-Fashioned Quality With New-Age Techniques

Cabinfield.com, a distributor of handcrafted Amish home and outdoor furnishings, debuted online in May 2005. By harnessing the power of the Internet, Cabinfield.com makes quality, Amish-created home & garden décor affordably accessible. 

These days, finding first-rate quality at any price has become a real challenge. Many items, such as furniture, often come hastily put together with little more than glue and staples. Finishes are sprayed on to save time with nothing more than chemicals relied upon to give the semblance of an attractive surface. Solid wood as a building material is next to impossible to find. And as for customer service? Well, that’s like expecting a merchant to treat customers like they did in the “good old days.” And that’s exactly what Cabinfield.com aims to do – bring quality and service back to customers at fair, reasonable prices. 

Amish crafted Gazebos, the company’s flagship product line, come packaged as easy-to-assemble kits delivered anywhere within the continental U.S. For non-do-it-yourselfers, Cabinfield.com offers custom, on-site setup service in 40 states, employing the expertise of Amish installers whenever possible. 

Cabinfield.com features dozens of gazebo sizes and styles from which to choose.  Materials used to build the vast gazebo collection offered by Cabinfield.com include durable, pressure-treated wood, low-maintenance vinyl, and rich, visually impacting Western red cedar. Style choices include classic octagon, teahouse, oval, square and rectangle. With so many options to select from and regardless of your final decision, every purchase comes backed by a commitment to handcrafted quality and affordability. Renowned for their integrity, work ethic and simple way of life, the Amish craftsmen whose services Cabinfield.com employs have been building first-rate gazebos for decades. 

While romantic- and relaxation-inspired gazebo choices abound, Cabinfield.com also offers an extensive selection of other Amish-crafted home & garden furnishings. The company’s product line includes indoor and outdoor furniture as well as home and lawn accents constructed in a variety of appealing materials, such as pressure-treated pine, cedar, cypress and maintenance-free poly-wood. A wide range of uniquely handcrafted wooden toys, home accents and home crafts are also available.  And with a host of design, color and material options at the customers’ disposal, most Cabinfield.com products can be personalized upon request. Order fulfillment occurs only after exact customer specifications are met—with Amish pride and attention to detail. 

Cabinfield.com unveiled its Amish crafted Playhouse section at the end of August 2006, bringing yet more delights to customers looking for top quality at fair prices.  Here you’ll find Amish-made, dream-come-true playhouses in styles ranging from fairytale-like fantasies complete with Victorian gingerbread with hearts & flowers flourishes to practical replicas of grown-up housing in miniature. Parents can furnish the playhouses with child-sized, handcrafted furniture and kitchen appliances from another section of the site to turn every child’s wish into a joyful, wonder-filled reality.

Fine Furniture is another new Cabinfield.com offering. With the true craftsman’s hallmarks of quality—like dovetailed joinery and hand-rubbed finishing—Cabinfield.com feature’s Amish-crafted living, dining, and bedroom furniture in styles to complement any décor. Solid, full-grained woods like cherry, oak, and walnut are fashioned with painstaking care into heirloom-quality pieces sure to please the most discriminating consumer. 

Cabinfield.com’s user-friendly site makes browsing for the perfect piece simple and enjoyable. The site is easy to navigate and includes full-color photographs of every item offered. What’s more, those with a specific budget in mind find the site’s price calculator an invaluable tool. Simply enter a Zip code and instantly receive quoted prices, including all costs and delivery charges, without any last-minute surprises. Cabinfield.com’s relationship with Amish craftsmen gives you full access to affordable, uniquely handcrafted home and garden treasures—all just a click away and with the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home. 

For more information on Cabinfield.com’s extensive line of Amish home and outdoor furnishings, visit www.Cabinfield.com. To learn more about how Cabinfield.com can affordably accent your home or garden, call  toll-free at 866-450-WOOD (9663) or e-mail service@cabinfield.com.

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Cabinfield.com Uses Web To Deliver Amish Crafted Furniture for Home and Garden


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