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URLwire for Wednesday, December 18, 2002
FAST Search Engine Now Indexes MS Word Documents 

FAST is now including documents in the popular Microsoft Word format within its web search results. Each Word document is labeled (MS Word) next to the title on a search results page.  Users can also restrict search to only Word documents by using the using the pull-down menu in the 'results restriction' section of AlltheWeb's advanced searching page, located at
FAST has operations in the United States, Europe (Norway, Germany, UK), and Japan, and is publicly traded under the ticker symbol 'FAST' on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 
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"FAST's increased relevancy and inclusion of Microsoft Word-formatted documents within its FAST Web Search results enhances the search experience on Lycos and the re-launched HotBot search engine," said Tom Wilde, global general manager of search services for Terra Lycos. "Lycos constantly strives to provide its users with the most relevant search results. Having FAST as our search provider helps us to do this."

"FAST provides its users with the highest quality of search results through advanced relevancy
algorithms and leading freshness, combined with a large web index size and a rich set of file formats included in our index," stated Tim Mayer, vice president, FAST Web Search. "Internal tests for this release have demonstrated improvements of over 12% in relevancy, further heightening the search experience for users. By now further improving on the relevancy of our search results, FAST is not only remaining highly competitive, but extending its leadership in the marketplace."

FAST Web Search is one of the world's largest search indexes utilized by some of the world's most trafficked search engines, portals and destination sites, reaching over 100 million monthly users worldwide. FAST's AlltheWeb technology showcase site delivers search results from the over 2.1 billion Web pages and integrates them with award-winning breaking news results from thousands of news sources and hundreds of millions of image, video, MP3, and software files, all within a single search result page. With advanced linguistics, categorization techniques, and support for 49 languages, AlltheWeb combines a high-quality, comprehensive, fresh, and fully integrated search resource with one of the largest news resources on the Internet. 

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) creates the real-time search and filter technology solutions that are behind the scenes at some of the world's best known companies with the most demanding search problems. FAST's flexible and scalable integrated technology platform spans both Internet and enterprise customers, and elevates search to unprecedented levels. FAST closes the gap between information and action, connecting people to the relevant information they seek regardless of medium, in turn driving revenue and reducing total cost of ownership by effectively leveraging IT infrastructure for our clients and world-class partners. FAST search technology is currently deployed by a wide range of global customers and partners including AT&T, BroadVision, CareerBuilder, Chordiant, Dell, Freeserve, IBM, InfoSpace, Reed Elsevier (, Reuters, T-Online, Terra Lycos, and Tiscali. 

FAST has operations in the United States, Europe (Norway, Germany, UK), and Japan, and is publicly traded under the ticker symbol 'FAST' on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Please visit for more information or see FAST in action at our technology showcase

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