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Story date: Monday, September 8, 1997 -- Location: Redwood City, CA USA

Big Bird, Madeline, SchoolHouse Rocky Among Children's Characters Brought To Life On Web At Creative Wonders Site

New Online Store Launches With "Buy One Take One" Promotion

Creative Wonders, a joint venture between ABC Inc. (American Broadcasting Corp.), and Electronic Arts, has launched an online store and updated it's Web site at ( http://www.cwonders.com ). The store launches today with a "Buy One Take One" online promotion.

 Creative Wonders is building upon its CD-ROM success by extending it's family of popular characters and brands to the online world. With the launch of its new web site ( http://www.creativewonders.com ) kids, parents, and teachers alike can now interact with their favorite characters and, at the same time, enjoy a wide variety of related educational and community-building activities.  Kids and students can play online games, download songs and video clips, send postcards to their favorite characters, swap ideas and sign-up for the Creative Wonders newsletter. Meanwhile, parents and teachers can demo top-selling educational software, participate in discussion groups, swap testimonials and teaching plans, and take advantage of special price promotions in Creative Wonders' online store.

"We've designed the Creative Wonders sites with safe, fun and constantly evolving material that all family members will find enjoyable. Creative Wonders plans to keep the sites fresh and new with such activities as weekly online games and contests, new links, forums and dozens of other elements," said Greg Bestick, president of Creative Wonders. To further encourage consumers to visit the site, Creative Wonders is launching a couple of major promotions, including a "Buy One Take One" promotion where online purchasers get two products for the price of one. Free product is available from the Sesame Street Deluxe series, the Madeline Classroom Companion series and the Schoolhouse Rock Essentials series.

Creative Wonders is based in Redwood City, California.

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