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Story date: Tuesday, December 9, 1997  Bedford  MA   USA

Submit It! Announces Service for Running Pay-Per-Click
Link Partner Programs 

"ClickTrade" system automates clickthrough tracking, reporting and payment

Submit It!, a leading provider of technology-based services for Web site marketers, today announced it has launched ClickTrade, the first service that enables Web site owners to easily set up and run their own link partner programs. "Until now, it's been difficult and time-consuming for advertisers to create and manage programs that reward other Web sites for linking to them," said Bill Younker, CEO of Submit It!. "By the same token, Web site owners that include outbound links on their sites have not been able to benefit from the traffic they send to other sites. We've built a service that organizes and simplifies the process to the extent that Web site marketers can now easily include link partner programs in their Web site marketing plans." 

Almost as many Internet users find out about Web sites from referring links on other Web sites as from search engines.* Unlike rotating banner ads, links can be hand-picked by site owners and placed in context with related content, making them relevant, rather than distracting, to end users. ClickTrade gives Web site marketers complete flexibility in the types of links used, supporting text-only links, buttons, banners, and enhanced creative such as Java and Shockwave. 

"ClickTrade pioneers a "pull" model for site owners in their quest for the right advertisers," said Scott Banister, vice president of technology for Submit It!. "After posting new content, site owners can immediately visit ClickTrade and find advertisers that are perfectly matched to the new content instead of waiting for targeted advertisers to find them. Site owners know their audiences better than anyone else and are best equipped to put the right ad in the right place at the right time. Advertisers benefit from what would otherwise be lost opportunities to reach targeted prospects, and site owners benefit from the ability to exercise more editorial choice and control over the ads that are shown on their sites." 

To use ClickTrade, Web site owners sign up as members. Members may use the service as advertisers for rewarding links, as link partners to earn revenue for placing links, or as both advertisers and link partners. 

ClickTrade provides advertisers with the flexibility of choosing how much to offer link partners per click. It also helps advertisers extend their reach to new link partners by marketing their links to other members in the service. The service enables link partners to choose which advertisers to link to and which link type (text, button or banner) to include on their sites. In addition to receiving revenue for every visitor sent to an advertiser's site, link partners receive a reciprocal link through ClickTrade's unique partner tracking and display button. The small, graphical button is displayed on an advertiser's site and tracks all clicks from partner links in the system. 

ClickTrade is accessible from the ClickTrade Web site, <http://www.clicktrade.com>. Any user with a Web browser can utilize the service; no downloading of software is required. The service is available immediately in a beta version. During the beta, advertisers will be able to make pay-per-click offers to link partners without paying fees to Submit It! for use of the service.


Submit It!, Inc. is a leading provider of technology-based services for Web site marketers with more than 250,000 customers in over 60 countries throughout the world. The company's mission is to enable organizations to promote Web sites to targeted audiences over the Internet. Submit It! has a reseller agreement with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), referral agreements with America Online (NYSE:AOL) and NETCOM (NASDAQ:NETC) and, through third parties, a joint marketing agreement with Federal Express (NYSE:FDX) and a distribution agreement with Netscape (NASDAQ:NSCP). Submit It! is privately held and headquartered in Bedford, Mass. 

*April 1997, GUV7 Internet User Survey (Georgia Tech). See http://www.gvu.gatech.edu/user_surveys/survey-1997-04/bulleted/use_bullets.html and http://www.gvu.gatech.edu/user_surveys/survey-1997-04/questions/use.htm.

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