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"There are alternative sources of press releases, such as Business Wire (also available via Yahoo) and PR Newswire, but the volume of releases is so large it's almost impossible to find anything useful. The one that's worth visiting for web watchers is Eric Ward's URLwire"- The Guardian

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The URLwire Site Announcement Fee is  $495

Pay via PayPal below 

If you prefer to pay by check, that's fine, however it will delay the date I schedule your announcement until after the check arrives.  You can email a request for an invoice to urgent@ericward.com and please put URLWIRE in the subject line.

The $495 URLwire service includes:

  • I'll personally send your site announcement to my private URLwire member/contacts that best match your site's subject. Among my private URLwire member/contacts are the most trusted site reviewers of all: web guide and best picks editors at hundreds of library based web sites. Also among my subscribers are newsletter editors, announcement list moderators, online writers, bloggers, reporters, etc., from around the world, all of whom have requested URLwire. Once I cull down my contact list for your site, I typically have somewhere between 300-400 key people I can privately announce your site to. 

  • After sending your site announcement to my private contacts via email, I then create a permanent and unique announcement page on the public URLwire web site, like this. This page lives forever. Here's an example from way back in 1997, when the now famous wedding site TheKnot.com was first announced.

  • Posting a direct link to your site from the URLwire headlines page, along with a summary and link to your permanent URLwire announcement page.

  • Also posting a direct link to your site from the URLwire homepage, along with the summary and link to your permanent announcement page.

  • I post a summary of your announcement on the URLwire Blog and Google Groups.  Each of these will also include a direct link to your site.

  • URLwire RSS Feed  - I post a summary with a link to the full site announcement.

  • Tweet your URL via Twitter

  • Upon completion of the announcement process I send you an email confirmation and summary.

  • Lastly, remember if I have not yet confirmed with you that I will announce your site, and after seeing the site I decide I will NOT announce it, I will refund your entire payment immediately. If you are unsure whether your site is a good fit for URLwire, or if you have questions about how URLwire works, send a brief email with your URL to 


    Please put URLWIRE in the subject line. 


    A few comments about URLwire...

    "For years We'd used PRNewswire, PRweb, and Businesswire, and while we got a littlecoverage, we never saw improvement on trusted links obtained.  Then we used URLwire and within a month saw multiple library based web guides had linked to us, and the impact on our rankings was staggering"
    Green Industry site, name witheld by request

    "Eric, the sites you send us are exactly what we look for.  Thanks for being on target and not sending junk" 
    Yahoo What's New

    "Just learned we have been selected by Forbes for their Best of the Web" 
    Better Homes and Gardens

    "This weekend AOL featured us as Best of the Web and visits are going through the roof. Thanks a million URLwire!" 
    American Medical Association

    "URLwire got our site covered and linked in places we'd tried for months to get in without success" 

    "Eric, our site announcement on URLwire was picked up by hundreds of other sites in less than 48 hours. 
    RoyaltyFreeMusic.com (subsequently bought by Internet.com) 

    "URLwire is without question the most effective way to tell the right people in the online world about your web site" 

    "My experience with URLWire has been entirely positive. I received coverage (and links!) from key sites and in e-newsletters, one of which had over 500,000 readers. Resulting traffic has been more than impressive. URLwire demonstrated to me that it's the prime choice for announcing a web site"
    Edwin Hayward


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