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Eric knows quality web content. When we see email from him, we read it, and regularly link to the sites he sends us
--Library of Congress

"Eric, your URLwire sites are exactly what we look for.  Thanks for being on target and not sending junk" Yahoo New and Notable / Picks of the Week

"Cool sites, Eric. Keep URLwire coming"   Sam Meddis, USA Today

"URLwire's selectivity is appreciated, and we are happy to cover what you send us" Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome
"URLwire promotes only high-end web launches, re-launches and Eric Ward refuses subscriptions to those ’who do not write about, link to or review web sites" BRANDREPUBLIC
"There are alternative sources of press releases, such as Business Wire (also available via Yahoo) and PR Newswire, but the volume of releases is so large it's almost impossible to find anything useful. The one that's worth visiting for web watchers is Eric Ward's URLwire". The Guardian

"Eric, you provide a great service and we use a lot of what you send us." ZDNet

"URLwire is a very good service" 
Yahoo Publisher's Network

You've offered up some brilliant sites!  eLink


"Hey Eric, I really appreciate your service. I've used information from your postings for a number of stories. I must say that your service is great. Thanks and keep up the good work."  Netguide Live

"Just wanted to let you know that your URLwire service is very helpful to our team of editors. Our editors look forward to receiving your mails about recent web launches and are grateful for your service. Thanks!"  About.com

"Thanks again for the URLwire service. It is not an overstatement to say that it is one of the very best services available on the Internet, and one of the *very* few that innately understands the medium it is working in. Thanks again.  LookSmart 

'Your individual approach and selectivity is why we look forward to your email.  Keep it up. Forbes BOTW

"Eric Ward's URLwire service allows you to tailor your Web news messages for each media contact. The impact is optimal..." Larry Chase, WDFM


"Your service is great...We are always interested in new Internet resources, important new Web sites and interesting things that are going on on the Internet"  Newsbytes

"As usual, thanks for the great sites"  Netsurfer Digest

It's nice to have someone know your name in this cold modem-based world..."

"When I see Eric Ward's name in my in-box, I open it immediately, and I know it's good stuff. His selectivity and appreciation for what is and isn't Web news is unmatched anywhere. He's been at it longer than anyone, and he does it right..." 

"Hi Eric, take it from someone who has been receiving a steady stream of these automated press/news releases... your personalized, selective, one at a time, no spam Web news releases are a slice of heaven!!! I can't even read all the others, but yours, I read immediately..." WEBster

I LOVE each and every piece you have sent me. Thanks for the noticeable effort and the outstanding job you do Eric! TechKnow Times

"Well written, directed to me personally, and always include a succinct note explaining why Eric directed the news to my attention. And I do read them, consider them, and cover them.  Charles Sayers

"Eric, just want to drop you a line to say "thank you" once again for your consistently high quality Web site pointers. Definitely "sites we can use". InfoToGo

"Thanks Eric! Your selectivity and intro are appreciated..." 

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