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My Favorite Testimonial

-------- Original Message --------
To: "Eric R Ward" <eric@ericward.com>
From: "Amy Strycula" <shop@catsplay.com>
Subject: The Silence is Deafening - a Reverse Testimonial for URLwire / Eric Ward

Hi Eric

I have an embarassing story to share with you. When I didn't hear back from you regarding our 'holiday site announcement', I assumed you must be very busy at the moment.  I wanted to get my press release re: our Holiday Gift Guide out, so I went ahead and used another service to send it out.

heir distribution list seemed extensive and I choose their animal/pets, gifts/collectibles, and women's interest categories.  Used to RESULTS from your previous campaigns, I braced for the same on the day of the release -- hung by the phone, checked emails constantly, etc.  As the title of this email indicates, "The silence is deafening".  Not one inquiry.  No surge in traffic, nothing.  My past experiences with you -- so much traffic the site came down, Netscape's What's Hot, etc., etc., spoiled me.  I take that back -- I did have ONE inquiry -- from a small newspaper trying to SELL ME advertising.

If this is not a testimonial for your expertise, then nothing is.  I truly learned a valuable lesson and wasted $499 (yeah, I paid 'extra' for an additional 'category').  Although I always knew you were good, I now truly appreciate HOW good you are at what you do! 

I thought I had a decent press release....maybe my timing was just bad, I don't know.  Not sure if you can do anything for me at this point (or if you even want to help this Benedict Arnold).  But I had to write and share this with you! 

Amy Strycula, Top Cat
Everything Imaginable for Cats 
(and Dogs, too!)

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